Face to face

Raising your awareness at the right time in the right place with the most suitable instruments and the right dose!

Individual reflection of management and their leadership qualities.So as we travel along our private and professional life our personality develops authomatically. Do you have your development in your own hands, leave it to chance or are you still fullfiling the expectations of others?

Sometimes it happens that we find ourselves in situations where we feel we can’t go on anymore.

We would like to move, to change something, but we are going around in circles. We have found solutions but we pospone the decision and the implementation as well. We try different things that would change our situation and the ramifications on our surroundings. Often, however, we end up with similar results as before. WHY?

Together we create your personal profile, which efficiently provides the answers to your question: why certain situations constantly repeat and explain what is behind it.

Conscious personality development leads to conscious changes.
This enables the maximum utilization of our own potential to achieve personal success and the success of the whole system or company.

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Team reflection

An unbeatable team knows its qualities and use its potentials!
A team is a group of personalities who create relationship fields. These can act constructively and promote the successful achievement of goals. However, they may also act like a counter-current or virus and work exactly in the opposite direction.

How much individualism and adapting does your team need to achieve the objective? Is your team sufficiently flexible and mindfully responsive to changing conditions?
Which kind of leadership does your team need? Can you win each fight together? Can you celebrate the achievements together? Is there suffiecient courage to address fields of conflict? How do you deal with each other? Is there enough space for trust and creativity? What enthusiasm and esteem do you share?

The reflective approach very quickly screens the substance of the existing relationship situation and activates the qualities that are a prerequisite for the successful achievement of goals. The following qualities will be activated:
responsibility & flexibility, motivation & appreciation, enthusiasm & performance, clarity & determination, strength & focus, ambition & power, risk & vision, trust & courage.

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Experience art and coaching anew

Symbolon Art4Reflection transforms your museum visit into a coaching room. Space to pause and reflect, to reflect your own topics and to create new solutions.

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