Focused on the executive and their area of influence

The goal of this program is to support and strengthen the healthy individual essence of the leader to achieve his/her personal sustainable success and the success of the entire company.

How can management use their own strengths and develop authenthic leadership?

To be able to change the situation, first, we have to accept reality!

Therefore, from the beginnig we work on reflection of self-concept and image of others regarding current topics for the company.

The clarification of inner competences, feedback from colleagues, development of special skills and clear positioning brings about new associations. Thus the area and effect of personality is optimally strengthened.

A leader talk to the heart of the co-workers. Whoever works on this will stimulate and inspire others to give their best performance.

Program includes:

  • clarification of current leadership-competences
  • feedback from first line manager
  • Individual reflection with Symbolon method®
  • face to face coaching or/and group feedback
  • follow up coaching face to face or/ and in the group
  • closing Feedback from all who has participated on the process

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