Team building

Focused on the team

teambuilding-thumbnailCommon experience developing solidarity
The tailor-made framework programs under my management include actitvities, which prompt the most neglected competences, according to what your team and the current situation requires.

We try new activities, through which the physical, and mental skills will be tested.

The red-letter is a compactness of the whole program. Each locality, each activity, everything which will be integrated, has and follows the central idea and aim. Even the weather will play an important the role.

Segments that can be integrated:

  • climb up a hill with or without tour guide – depending on degree of difficulty
  • geo caching
  • dancing workshop e.g. gipsy dancing, line dancing…
  • firewalking
  • rafting
  • movie – and photo competition
  • theme night
  • business etiquette and fine dining
  • fashion show evening
  • day- and night activities
  • cooking event and competition
  • drumming
  • boat construction and competiton, etc.

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The teams are left alone in nature. Far from mobile phones and other technical devices there arises the possibility to push the borders of personal comfortzones.

To meet the others in unconventional situations, increase confidence and simplify communication which is so important for a trouble-free and successful corporate life.

Laughter and fun are the bridge to gain the distance from everyday work, but especially for a closer bond and reliable cooperation in coping with every day challenges.