Artwork & Coaching inspiring experience

Art4Reflection turns your visit to a museum into a coaching room. Space to pause and reflect, to reflect on your own topics and to create new solutions.

It is deeply touching and inspiring!

What happens in the museum:
– You will have a short introduction from the guide
– Look at the works of art in peace
– Your associations are activated
– You experience differences through exchange with the others
– They reflect your patterns of thinking and acting
– You are invited to leave old ways of thinking and create something new
– You get to know yourself a little deeper

You change from understanding and behavioral control into insight and potential development. In the reflection processes, you become aware of internal dynamical processes and open up new possibilities for thoughts and actions.

In every museum tour three artworks are selected so that every Art4Reflection is unique. The Symbolon Specialist guides the self-reflection steps with the artwork. The various steps with examples of the participants are explained in practice and the reflection is deepened.

Each museum tour uses three selected artworks, making each Art4Reflection unique. In the guided tours, the Symbolon specialist introduces the self-reflection steps with the artwork. The different steps with examples of the participants are explained in a practical way and the reflection deepened.

Art4Reflection is a highlight for your potential development. Based on the fantastic feedback from hundreds of participants over the last few years, we can promise you that Art4Reflection will inspire you.

This event is also to inquire as an exclusive tours for teams and groups of your company in a museum in your area. 

The costs of the guided tour comes to € 54 incl.VAT.
Registration please inquire: