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What is the Symbolon-Methode®

The Symbolon method ® brings the combination of psychology and art to corporate life. The work with classical paintings, symbols and archetypes is unique in that:

  • Art and symbols switch off the cognitive level and lead directly to deeper personal experience
  • Through reflection and translation of associations can the personal pattern efficiently and rapidly recognized
  • Insights from this reflection have a sustainable effect. We can observe the situation and evaluate it from a new perspective.
  • In this way decision are made easily and efficiently. Afterwards, the paintings serve as an anchor for further changes.


Symbolon® Coaching

Supervision for all who are not helped by a typical analysis on the cognitative level:

  • We define areas, points and questions
  • We go through reflections with pictures and symbols
  • We work out the concrete steps and solutions for your situation
  • Standard session: 1,5 – 2 hours

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Personal analysis of individuals and teams, which reflects potential and areas of development that have not been used

  • 5 areas
  • Filled out online within approx. 10 min
  • Personal reflection through pictures and symbols with your coach – 2 h
  • Written evaluation – 30 pages

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Symbolon-Profil® Intensiv

Detailed personal analysis, which mirrors the complexity of personality and its stages of development

  • 17 areas
  • Written – approx 30 min
  • Personal reflection through paintings and symbols with your coach – 3,5 h or 2x2h
  • Written evaluation – 75 pages

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